[TRANS] 130824 @TEEN_TOP tweets

24 Aug

[TRANS @TEEN_TOP] [D-2] #틴탑 #TEENTOP #장난아냐 If you’re interested in how Teen Top handled the “blur” at the “No Joke” practice room the other day?! http://facebook.com/TeenzOnTopOfficial …


[TRANS @TEEN_TOP#틴탑 #TEENTOP #장난아냐 Teen Top, “the six head to L.A. to show their strength!”http://me2.do/GffEpLTL Teen Top L.Joe-Chunji “Stylish airport fashion with sunglasses”http://news.nate.com/view/20130824n07297 …


[TRANS @TEEN_TOP#틴탑 #TEENTOP #장난아냐 Music video spoiler(?) If you’re curious, please watch the full version of the “No Joke” MV on the 26th~! pic.twitter.com/sMdy8vMsSe


 translate credit : @oursupaluv


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