8 Jun


Anger finds us in many different ways. And once that anger finds us it never disappears and bothers us. With stress, attitude, and fists! You can try to get rid of anger but you can never overcome it. But there are times when anger leads you to meet new people. Like when boys get closer by fighting!

When my plans fail and things don’t go the way my heart wants it to, I can never hold my anger in. It is only sometimes when I do, but it needs to go the way my heart wants to in order for me to calm down.

Messed up. Everything is messed up and there are no answers but only questions following . I experience anger that I cannot hold in.

If it is something related to me I would like it if (you) told me. Whether it is a good thing, bad thing! When I hear people talking bad things about me behind my back, I also get mad. Since it may be something I never said, it is also devastating that there is nowhere I can express that emotion.

There is nothing more important than practice to show a perfect image. But when even practice does not go the way I want it to, I get frustrated. That is the moment I get mad at myself.

People always say “If you work hard, you will get what you want,” but there are some circumstances where you try hard and it does not work out. It’s not even the fact that I am not putting in effort, but the fact that the want in my heart is not small makes me really mad.

Somebody who runs towards his or her goals is a person. The fact that there is space for improvement and for me to go on is because my goal is right in front of me. But when I cannot achieve that goaI; I break down, I get mad at myself for being like that. I am that passionate.

[Credit to Fyteensontop, Translate by Fyteensontop at Tumblr]


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