8 Jun


If you can always smile in front of a little kid and keep it, you will never lose that smile under any circumstances. A shy smile, a smile you might not be able to see, a really big smile while shaking your head and laughing! A magic spell that brings us together.

When I prepare to sleep and go under the covers, I naturally think to myself, ‘AH! This is happiness!’

When I go on stage and see the fans that are looking at us, the fact that we sing and dance together on stage with the members fill up the happiness. That happiness is!

When we stand on stage, there is a moment where each member makes eye contact with the fans. A slight smile appears on my face, and the fans fill it up with the cheers during our performance. That moment is when my happiness energy is fully charged.

When I sing on stage, my everything is happy. The fact that dreams become reality!

When I wash after a busy and hectic day, I go to the petite bed that is made for me and the only thing left for me is only! Happiness.

I like people. When I’m with the people I love, I unconsciously get really happy. When I have free time with my parents, when I play with my friends just like old times, Changjo transforms into a happy mode.

[Credit to Fyteensontop, Translate by Fyteensontop at Tumblr]


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