[FANCAMS] TEEN TOP No.1 Asia Tour in Seoul Day 2

18 May

‘Gone Not Around Any Longer’ by SISTAR19 (L.joe Focused) 

TEEN TOP – Walk By 

‘First Kiss’ (L.joe Focused) 

Niel VTR 

TEEN TOP – Supa Luv 

‘Baby U’ (L.joe Focused) 

TEEN TOP – Never Go Back  

‘No More Perfume On You’ (L.joe Focused) 

‘Mr. Bang’ (C.A.P Focused) 


Chunji CUTS Compilation 

‘Two Melodies’ (C.A.P Focused) 

‘Mr. Bang’ (L.joe Focused) 

Chunji cry 

Niel and C.A.P – Two Melodies 

Cute C.A.P 

TEEN TOP – Stop Girl 

‘First Kiss’ (Changjo Focused) 

‘Two Melodies’ (Niel Focused) 

Niel be a Pole for L.joe (Gone Not Around Any Longer Performance) 

Ricky’s Solo Stage – If It’s You by Alex

Chunji’s Solo Stage -Have You Been Well by  Jungyeop 



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