[TRANS] Changjo & Niel’s “quarrel” on Fancafe

28 Oct

Compilation of what went on between Changjo & Niel on the fancafe 🙂


24 hours a day

Will you give me..

Even just one second?

I love you

In that short time I’ll catch your heart.

If the Angels do not love me

I will love you back as much~

Because the Angels beside me always make me smile

That’s why I can’t hate Angels.

Which is why I’m confessing at a place where everyone can see!

From 2012 10 28 onwards I will place you Angels next to me.

We’ll never be apart! Together with me till the day I die………………..♥

Although girls cry in front of the guys they love

Guys cry when they don’t get to see their beloved

(Let’s beat up Niel hyung!!! Is formed!!!!)

Let’s-beat-Niel formed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Reason: Niel hyung says he doesn’t’ like what I wrote!!

Therefore I can’t bring joy to the Angels!!!

It has been formed in a short notice!!! Ta-dah!! Dududu!!!!


What are you doing now~? It’s Sunday (il-yo-il)

Even if you read it the other way, it’s still Sunday (il-yo-il)

Changjo’s writing something again right now ^^ I can’t take it anymore~ Really~~

Your hands and feet are disappearing right~ I have no idea where that small boy (Changjo= Choi Jonghyun) learnt those from

How could he have written those without even blinking„„ I really can’t understand that.!!

Everyone~ Do you like words like those? Those that make your hands curl up together and give you goosebumps!!

What are you going to do with his ment!! I really can’t bear seeing it„ Everyone please save me..

Please tell that small boy to stop!! Please tell him on my behalf!! Aigoo„ My hands are numb~

The goosebumps are here everyone you have to stand up against him you have to tell that small boy

Everyone please follow me!! Everyone we have to unite! Angel’s unity! I want that to happen everyone please believe in me and be with me to stand up against that small boy!! For our hands and feet and!!! Our beautiful eyes, we need to protect them

Everyone!!! I’ll be active as the president for together-with-Niel!! To stop Changjo!!

Together-with-Niel- Together with Niel, to protect our hands and feet to stop Changjo!

Everyone please register and the conditions to register!!

– Above 5 years old

– You have to love Niel

– You have to love to eat chicken

– You have to hate what that small boy writes

– You have to be 150cm and above!!

– You have to do everything for Niel

Everyone we have to protect our hands and feet we are together-with-Niel!! We can do it!!!

Everyone together-with-Niel! together-with-Niel! together-with-Niel! together-with-Niel!

Those who have registered for together-with-Niel!! You can’t call Changjo by that name

There is no Changjo there’s only small boy!! That’s Changjo’s name

When Changjo walks past you,  you have to shout “Oh!! That small boy is walking by!”!!

This has been the president of together-with-Niel

Let’s have a gathering?>?

Those who wish to register, please do

I’ll be looking forward to your activities~!!

Together-with-Niel!!! Belongs to everyone


1.  I will upload photos every week diligently.

2.   I will love you

And there are many other benefits so don’t be surprised!!!

From now on, you can’t say anything else!! I hope you’ll reply with (let’s.beat.Niel.) Thank you!!!!!!

If Niel hyung uploads another post don’t reply it!!! Please! kekeke


Everyone we have to protect our hands and feet!!

Everyone when you come for public broadcasts please remember to bring your placards for together-with-Niel!! Please remember to bring them

Don’t believe in what that small boy says„,

Everyone I will!!! Upload photos as well!!!!!!!!!!

You’ll be with me right!!

Together-with-Niel fanchants~~~

(You know that song from Jaws_)

As you put your right foot forward

Together~~~~~with Niel!!

Left food

Together~~~~~with Niel!!

As though you’re running

Together-with-Niel Together-with-Niel Together-with-Niel Together-with-Niel Together-with-Niel

And stop when I give you the signal~!!

End after you shout Ddosi!!!!!! Let’s not lose out!!

If we lose then we have no choice but to cease activities for together-with-Niel„, ㅠㅠMy hands and feet ㅠㅠㅠ



(Source: translation from @oursupaluv)


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