[TRANS] 121010 Niel & Changjo Fancafe Update (Changjo Replied to Niel’s Post)

13 Oct

-121010 Niel’s Post: Autumn,,,,,-

Ah~~ I want to be a man of autumn„„„

Autumn is my favourite season„,

I want to feel the autumn breeze on my body as I dress in a long coat, enjoying the beautiful scenery of the falling leaves„

Holding a cup of warm coffee in my one hand, putting on the earphones, letting a fart as I move along„,

Closing my eyes softly and receiving the protection from the sun that illuminates me„,

Leaving my whole body to the hands of what you call the natural navigator, the wind„

Gradually, the rays of the sun that illuminate me, dim as I make my way back home„ cold„, and afraid„,

So I call out to the shining beautiful stars„, to express my gratitude, I sing„,

Fastening the buttons to my long coat„„ I throw away the cup of coffee I drank into the dustbin„„, I walk a distance… before turning around to look behind„,

I see a beautiful shining star„, As I walk forward„, I see someone waiting there for me„,

I walk„, I go on my knees and take my hand out of the pocket„„,

-121010 Changjo’s Post (Replied to Niel’s recent post) : The Post Below Keke-

How about me hahahahahahahahahahahaha juryaeujeunaeuchang

You said you were to going to help but that’s not helping!! What kekeke that’s all

Aliens came for a short while and did ddiliddilianahaekeoverrrrrrrrr

And I was totally sosokshoosok

I’m going to take over this cafe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

With who? My love next door, because I love her, she shines brightly

But Angels are the best kekekeke That’s why I’m an alien

Nope I’m curious about aliens and I love Angels. Because Angels shine so bright my legs are turning jelly

So no matter what Niel hyung is an alien kya kya kya kya kya kya kya kya kya kya kya kya kya kya kya

(Translation Credit : @oursupaluv)


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