[TRANS] Teen Top Chunji: “Time off for my birthday?  I want to go to a club with the other members”

5 Oct

Nate News [Birthday Bang-Talk] Teen Top Chunji: “Time off for my birthday?  I want to go to a club with the other members” (Interview)
Submitted 2012-10-05 00:17

[Economy Today’s Gwak Mingu Reporting] “Power Voice” Chunji of Teen Top, the group that’s taken charge of the pop music world’s in-trend position with each new album release that radiates the unique charm of their music and visuals, had his 20th birthday today (the 5th).  Amidst birthday congratulations from many fans, we heard birthday talk full of thrills from Chunji as he starts off his 20’s.

Q. It’s your birthday.  How does it feel?
A: “It’s my first birthday of my 20’s, so somehow it feels even more special to me.”

Q. It’s your first birthday since becoming a university student, so is there anything different about it?
A: “I had a birthday party in advance with my friends during the break, but the place where I got wished a happy birthday changed.  Before it would happen in the classroom, but now we’ve broken out of the classroom. ^^”

Q. How do you feel about getting older?  What age are you most looking forward to?
A: “Honestly, I don’t really consciously feel yet that I’ve gotten older.  The age I’m looking forward to most is when I turn 30.  I think it’ll feel thrilling like today does because it will be another new start.”

Q. What do you want to hear the least and the most on your birthday?
A: “I don’t want to hear ‘it’s good now but soon you’ll be 30.’ I’d like to hear, ‘happy birthday, let’s have fun!’”

Q: Which birthday do you remember the most?
A: “The first birthday I had after we debuted.  I remember it because it was the first time since I was born that I was congratulated by so many people.”

Q. What special presents have you gotten?
A: “My friends threw a surprise party for me.  During the break my friends and I had gone on a trip to a place nearby, and I was so touched by the birthday party which I had not even imagined.”

Q. Is there a present you’d like to receive in the future?
A: “Well, any kind of present would be nice. ^^”

Q. If you got time off for your birthday, what’s something you’d definitely like to do?
A: “Umm… I’d like to go to a club with the other members who are of age.”

Q. What birthday wishes did you make as a child?  Did they come true?
A: “I wished that I would become a singer, and it’s come true.”

Q. Is there anybody you’d like to say thanks to on your birthday?
A: “My parents. I would really love to tell them ‘thank you so much for letting me be born into this world.’”

Q. Please say something to the birthday boy, Chunji.
A: “Chunji-ya, you’re already 20 years old!  Happy birthday and I hope you stay healthy and achieve all of the things that you wish for from here on, too.”

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[translated by babyspaceangels@tumblr/momoironiel.com]


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